From Lo-End to High-Times: Meyhem Lauren’s Come Up

by Maxwell Cavaseno

Meyhem Lauren
Meyhem Lauren

For certain people, things tend to just… happen. When speaking to Queens-based rapper Meyhem Lauren, very little seems to phase him as far as the various events that have guided his life; from his origins as a graffiti artist, picking up the microphone and being mentored by NYC underground mainstays such as Thirstin Howl III or J-Love, or witnessing good friend Action Bronson become one of the more popular faces out of NYC in recent years. “Both Thirstin and J-Love showed me the works.” Lauren remarks, “They just tried to instill that work ethic in me to keep recording, keep writing, keep making videos. And I just polished those jewels as time ran on.” There’s little of the usual ego here, no expectations of reward, but a definite natural instinct and sense of ease with rap.

Meyhem Lauren isn’t one of the breakout stars who tends to gain the awe and fascination of the hungry media-dominated age of today’s music. But he has been working for what has been the approach of a decade, honing his craft on various projects, alongside Bronson, a friend since their middle school days, bonding over mutual appreciation of their Wallabies. Obviously Action Bronson has now ascended to great heights, seemingly approaching a level of notoriety most rappers dream of. For Lauren however, he finds the rise of his good friend ‘inspiring’ and informs that the duo still collaborate and associate together.
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